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Olimpic Games 2008: First Gold Medal for Indonesia

Posted by triaslama on August 16, 2008

I would like to say congratulations for Indonesia Badminton double men’s pair, Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan for their achievement in Beijing 2008 Olimpic Games. Because of them our nation get the first gold medal in Beijing 2008 Olimpic Games.

Markis Kido & Hendra Setiawan

Markis Kido & Hendra Setiawan

In final match, Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan beats China double men’s pair Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng in three sets 12-21, 21-11, 21-16. Lose in first set Kido/Setiawan revived in the next two sets and won the final match against Cai/Fu.

This victory is special, because a day later -August 17, 2008- is the independence day of Indonesia. So I think Kido and Setiawan has gift our nation special reward (first gold medal for Indonesia team in Olimpic 2008). Although now I am rarely play badminton (or maybe just ‘never play Badminton again’) but I am still Badminton fans, especially for Indonesia team.

I hope this is not the only one gold medal for Indonesia in this Olimpic Games. Once again, congratulations for Kido/Setiawan and keep fighting guys!


5 Responses to “Olimpic Games 2008: First Gold Medal for Indonesia”

  1. Let me use this opportunity to salute them also. I’m always happy when an Indonesian can achieve something praiseworthy. No matter what field it is, it can motivate us and show that if we try hard enough, we can achieve excellence.

    Go Indonesia!

  2. rina said


  3. triaslama said

    @ Agro
    Excellence that can brings us one step closer.

    @ Rina
    I think it will sound good if we say “Congratulations”.

  4. joy said

    markis bego

  5. Sy said

    Jaya terus Indonesia!
    ayo tukar link..:)
    kunjungi blog saya,

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