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How To: Include File in ASP.NET Pages

Posted by triaslama on November 19, 2008

Sometimes programming its just the matter of style, I am not generalize but often I found that we can achieve one goal through many different ways. Lets inspect one of those! By right now I have try three different way on how we put a file in ASP.NET pages. I don’t know which one is the best, but all of the three has the same meaning: we can refer to a file and bring it where ever we like in our ASP.NET pages.

Yes, this is maybe the prefered way because if we include a file and we place it in all of pages -let’s say copyrights footer for example- Later if we want to change the copyrights with the new one, or modify it to something we want, we simply modify it in one place (in our referenced file) rather than go through all of our pages and change it one by one.

How we do this? I have tried three solutions to do that.

1. Using <!– #include file=”[filename].aspx” –>
The first (and maybe the old one) we just write a simple script (as show above) and specify the file we want to include. Place the above script where ever we want content of [filename].aspx appear in pages that referenced it. For security reason always try to include only *.aspx files.
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