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Calling Client Script Events in ASP.NET Server Controls

Posted by triaslama on April 25, 2008

ASP.NET has its own controls (WebControls or HtmlControls) that rendered as elements in a page. ASP.NET server controls declared with ‘asp’ tag (<asp:[control_type] />) and contains runat=”server” attribute. ASP.NET server controls has its own attribute related to a specific control (such as onclick and text for click event and button text respectively).

For example: if we want a click event associated with a button of ASP.NET server control we use this script in our ASP.NET page:

<asp:Button id="btn" onclick="btn_Click" text="Test" runat="server" />

The click event received in onclick attribute and will be handled by btn_Click method. btn_Click is a method that will be called everytime a click occurs in this button control. We can write btn_Click method with any languages that supported by .NET framework.

But how if we want to call client script within ASP.NET server controls? Fortunately it can be accomplished to. Suppose that I have a button of ASP.NET server control but I want a click event of this button handled by Javascript function (in client side) rather than any of .NET languages (in server side).

In this example I use two buttons of ASP.NET server controls. The first button will have click event handled using server script and click event of second button handled via client script. I embed the javascript code inline inside the page, but we can pull it out and place it in separate *.js file then this file is referenced inside our ASP.NET page (expage.aspx):

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