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The Power of ‘X’

Posted by triaslama on July 27, 2008

I write this article after I read an e-book about XHTML. A bit later I realize that ‘X’ precede so many cool things (words) in Computer Science topics.

In mathematics X is a favorite variable, sometimes I named something that still unknown (or mysterious) with the ‘X’ variable. In computer programming I think ‘X’ is one of favorite variable.

So, how ‘X’ take the rule? Let’s take a simple tour!

XML started with ‘X’ instead of ‘E’ although it stands for Extensible Markup Language. Yes I am agree that the word XML seems more elegance rather than EML (because we take the second character ‘X’ instead of first character ‘E’ we just write this eXtensible Markup Language -> XML). XSLT started with ‘X’, XPath started with that too.

I just find this interesting thing before: the initial prototype of ASP.NET was called XSP! Look at what is Scott Guthrie said about this (cited from Wikipedia):
The initial prototype (of. ASP.NET -ed) was called “XSP”; Guthrie explained in a 2007 interview that, “People would always ask what the X stood for. At the time it really didn’t stand for anything. XML started with that; XSLT started with that. Everything cool seemed to start with an X, so that’s what we originally named it.”

XHTML started with ‘X’. Rather than create HTML 5, W3C introduce XHTML. Maybe what I said about XHTML right now that it is ‘the cool HTML’.

XUL (XML User Interface Language) started with ‘X’. XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language) started with ‘X’ too!

Wow, there is many cool things started with ‘X’. Do you have a plan to release something cool too?? If it’s so consider to precede its name with ‘X’.

2 Responses to “The Power of ‘X’”

  1. Andra said

    How about XKontinum?

  2. triaslama said

    @ Andra
    Oh, sorry I have no comment about that. But, did you an ex-Kontinum?
    (mungkin aku juga akan nyusul ndra, cuma masalah waktu aja)

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