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Euro 2008: And The Champion is… Spain

Posted by triaslama on June 30, 2008

Euro 2008Euro 2008 already finished, and the champion is Spain!

Spain, -my second team favorite in Euro 2008- beats German 1-0 in final match. Fernando Torres makes the score. I think they deserve to prevail because they play better than German.

It quite nice for Spain, after long time they wait -before Euro 2008 the only title they had is Euro 1964- so the 44 years waiting is over. I think Spain will be the champion of Euro 2008 after in quarter final they defeats Italy (my first favorite team). This is the second time in Euro history that the winning team won every match in group stage (France do it for the first time in Euro 1984).

In quarter final Spain defeat Italy 4-2 (penalties), in semifinal they defeat Rusia 3-0, and in final they defeat Der Panzer German 1-0 to become European football champion. Well, the game is over but the life still goes on.


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