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Martial Arts and Computer Programming, The Equalities and Differences

Posted by triaslama on June 20, 2008

Computer Programming

Martial Arts

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First and foremost, this is only my own opinion, you not necassary agree with me or maybe you have your own opinion. What I write here maybe not reflect the reality of both (martial arts and computer programming). Second I write this with “As Far As I Know” assumption.

In this post I just tempted to unveil what is reside in my mind. By now I want to talk about equalities and differences between martial arts and computer programming.

Lets start with the equalities:

Sometimes it is suck, but it is rock!
Learning martial arts can be so suck, the same thing happen with computer programming! But best of all both of two things is rock! So your sacrifice is worth!

It is good when you enjoy it!
What is better than do thing that we like? So its really good for us especially when we enjoy doing it!

Both need to be done with “Best Practices”
Practice makes perfect, but best practices can do more! do the best practices and lets hope that it will bring best results!

Now it’s the time for the differences

Martial arts is physical activities, computer programming is brain activities
It is clear, I think it is really hard to mastering a martial art just by imagine it, we need physical activities to handle it. Programming is brain activities because becoming a computer programmer will not broken your leg, right?

Martial arts is how to control our body, computer programming is how to control the machine
I just talk in the surface, because in both fields I am not yet a master! What I do when I practice a martial art? I do the physical activities, something that make me full with sweat. What I do when I coding? I write programs to make the computer do what I want.

Martial arts teach me how to life healthier, computer programming teach me how to make money
Maybe it is sound odd but its true. I am a martial arts fans, just like another sports it make us life healthier. Currently my job as software developer, so I earned money from write computer programs.

Sorry, I just kidding.


4 Responses to “Martial Arts and Computer Programming, The Equalities and Differences”

  1. awik1212 said

    and both can make us killed

  2. triaslama said

    Really? well, if that true it surprising me enough.

  3. G-boy said

    Martial Arts and Computer Programming are both “COOL :)”. Why? Both can attract Women… If you know even a little martial arts, they will come to you,let you teach them… wahehehehe… In you know programming, they will come to you, let them make their projects (Students, lol)…

  4. You actually said this well.

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