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Euro 2008, Football (Soccer) Euphoria

Posted by triaslama on June 8, 2008

Finally I tempted to write a post about Euro 2008, a European football party that held every four years. Although now I rarely watch football match but I think I will regret if I miss event such as Euro 2008.

I have several favorite teams in Euro 2008. The most favorite is Azzuri Italy, in second place I vote for Spain, France in third place, and then German for fourth. One of the match that I really wait in group stage is: Italy vs. France! Italy and France rely in the same group (group C), I think it is the hardest group in this Euro. Both in my favorite list, and I hope I can see high quality football when the match take place, and maybe it brings back my memory to World Cup 2006 final!

But I have a little sadness, because my favorite player -Fabio Cannavaro, the Azzuri captain- must absent from Euro 2008 just few days before kick off! I think its a great loss for Italy national team, but Azzuri Italy still in first place of my favorite teams in this Euro.

Lets see what happen in Euro 2008, and lets start the football Euphoria!

3 Responses to “Euro 2008, Football (Soccer) Euphoria”

  1. Andra said

    gw udah bisa prediksi siapa juaranya, man.

  2. triaslama said

    Berarti tinggal tunggu prediksimu itu tepat atau ada pergeserannya, he he.

  3. Andra said

    asal ga diganggu roy suryo aja man.

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