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Mono Winforms Became Feature Complete

Posted by triaslama on May 24, 2008

This news is a bit too late, but I think it better than nothing at all! Jonathan Pobst has annouced in his blog that Mono Winforms now is API complete. This is what Jonathan said about that:
“we hit a very important milestone in our support for Winforms. We are API complete, which means that our public API is exactly the same as .Net’s (all 12,776 methods)”

Beside that Atsushi Enomoto has annouced that the next release of Mono will include XIM support on Windows Forms. Look at what he said about this:
“So if you are living in multi byte land, try the next release or daily build version of mono and feel happy”
Hmm, I think it really a good news for one of my friend.

Congratulations for Mono team, especially for Mono Winforms team!


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