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Mono 1.9 Released

Posted by triaslama on April 4, 2008

Mono team has annouced the release of Mono version 1.9! This version is stable release, update for Mono version 1.2.x, and last release before Mono 2.0 version.

Mono version 1.9 release notes can be viewed here. Go here for download this version. Mono 1.9 available for Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Linux (Open SUSE, SLES/SLED, and other Linux distributions).

The following list is highlights for Mono version 1.9:

  • C# compiler of this version now use C# 3.0 mode (wow…now we can try C# 3.0 using Mono!).
  • Support for Silverlight (very cool…!!!).
  • Core LINQ update (LINQ to objects).
  • Major improvements and bugs fixed in Windows.Forms.
  • Visual Basic improvements.
  • And many more.

I would like to say special thanks to all of Mono contributors!


2 Responses to “Mono 1.9 Released”

  1. I was also surprised by the features of this release. C# 3 and Silverlight? Simply wow…

  2. triaslama said

    To Agro:
    Yes, I agree with you. I use this words to depict my view on Mono platform: “Mono getting better”.

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