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Javascript and CSS Animations: A Brief Introduction

Posted by triaslama on March 4, 2008

Animations in Javascript and CSS can be accomplished using style attribute. The most frequently used property of style attribute to create animations / special effects are position, visibility/display, size, filter/opacity.

The position property figuring how an element placed in the window / browser. Visibility and display determine is an element visible or not. Size determine the size of an element. Opacity / filter determine if an element will be transparent or opaque.
Dynamic effects / animations can be achieved by manipulating that properties rightly. For example if we want placed an element overlap with another we can accomplish this task with position property. Want to make an element blur if an event happens? Opacity/filter will come to help us do this.

In the next post I will try giving a simple example on how to make animation using Javascript and CSS. But please notice that my next posts only gives simple examples, and aimed only to give some insights on how to make animations and special effects using Javascript and CSS. See you…


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