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RegExp Javascript Object Methods

Posted by triaslama on February 25, 2008

This post is supplement for my previous post on Javascript Regex, I am not explore something here just write about RegExp methods and hope this will useful. Below the list of RegExp method and its descriptions:

1. test(<string>). Test whether a supplied string matched a specified pattern the return value is true or false. Example:

var re = new RegExp(“^tr*i+$”);
var result = re.test(window.prompt(“Input string: “));
window.alert(“Result: “+result);

2. exec(<string>). Checks whether the supplied string match a predefined regular expression of a specified Regex object. Return the match string that matched if the pattern was found in the supplied string, or null if no match pattern in supplied string. Example:

var re = new RegExp(“catch”);
var result = re.exec(“I’ll catch you later!”);
window.alert(“Result: “+result);

3. compile(newPattern). Change the pattern of an RegExp object, this method does not return a value. Example:

var re = new RegExp(“^tr*i+$”);
var result = re.test(“hello tri”);
window.alert(“result: “+result+”, pattern will be changed.”);
result = re.test(“hello tri”);
window.alert(“result: “+result);

The behaviour of literal Regex and RegExp object in Regular expressions is a bit different, for simplicity I will choice literal Javascript Regex in most case, its up to you whether use literal syntax or RegExp object to handle regular expressions in Javascript.
Thanks and regards, Tri Sugiyantowo


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