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Basic .NET Remoting Stuffs

Posted by triaslama on February 14, 2007

Remoting can be thinked in three building blocks. Here are the brief explanations each of them.

1. Remotable objects, this is object that can be called across application domain boundaries, the most common object are not remotable, we must make an object remotable by value or by reference. By value object can be achieved by marked them as Serializable (with [Serializable] attribute), or that object implements ISerializable. By reference can be achieved by derived them from MarshalByRefObject.

2. Host for remotable objects, the host application in .NET remoting can be vary, the host can be console applications, windows applications, windows service, or ASP.Net applications. The host applications can be thinked as listener program that controls the access to remotable objects and waiting for client requests.

3. Client applications, the clients can be vary, that is the programs that consumes the remotable objects.

In much situations the .net remoting consists of these three things. How the simple scenario of remoting works? Wait for the next of my posts, Insya Allah.


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