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Another Interesting Stuff : .NET Remoting

Posted by triaslama on February 3, 2007


.NET Remoting is a kind of Inter Process Communication (IPC), that intended to communicate among processes on .net environment. This works much easily in .net, the scenario is like this, we have a listener program, and a client that will initiate communication.

Communication in .net remoting accomplished through what is called a proxy. A proxy is an object that impersonates the remote object (that is object in another process), so the client will behaves as if they have the remote object, here I called ‘impersonates’ because the client doesn’t really has the remote object, the client could be only has the metadata or the interfaces but not implementations.

The concepts of .net remoting actually similar with Web Services, but they both not actually same, .net remoting is more intended to communicate among .net processes, processes that communicate located on different Application domains (can be in the same computer, or on separate computer that connected through network).

Yeah, the article above is the first sight on .net remoting, and I hope can get more interesting stuffs…


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