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Learn, As An Point Of Interest

Posted by triaslama on September 21, 2006

In early days of computer we can see that a computer is a large and expensive machine, with limited operations that can be done in that machine, but look at how the computers today.

First generation computer that really huge size and with limited abilities, but every decade we can see how the computers grow faster, thanks to the people that has make this happens. Now a computer that reside in my home really much ‘stronger’ than what its called a ‘super computer’ twenty five years ago.

We as an human have the ability to learn and grow as well as what we learned about, that what I mean learn as a point of interest, by learning in the things that we are interested we could make a great change, lets hope that we will give something useful to the world and the humanity, for the better future…

Tri Sugiyantowo, as a reminder for my self.

One Response to “Learn, As An Point Of Interest”

  1. Aziz said

    Hoi, assalamualaikum

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