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Introduction to .NET 2.0 Features and Mono

Posted by triaslama on September 11, 2006

.NET has become one of the interesting platform that available now, and Mono, open source implementation .NET that ported .NET to other platforms, particularly Linux, has offers an alternative open source solution especially when porting .NET application to non Windows platforms.

But now I will not yet devote on how to program using C# language, but we, first, will learn the new feature of .net 2.0, that change since 1.1 version. Here the list that come with .net 2.0 that not available in .net 1.1 :

1. Generics programming, in 2.0 version, we can use generics to produce more efficient program, it use especially in collections, so in .net 2.0 we will find a new namespace that named System.Collections.Generics.

2. Iterator, 2.0, we can use an iterator to iterate through a collection, and this also introduce a new keyword that related to iterator, this keyword is yield, that can return more than one value.

3. Nullable type, that’s mean beside the value that has exist now a type can hold one more value, a reference type, there is null. So if we define nullable bool (bool?), it can holds three possible values (true, false, or null).

4. Anonymous methods, that make us possible to write ’inline delegate’, that make our programs more elegance.

In next posts, we will try to learn what is the above features exactly, and as the programming language I will use C#, then we will look how to use this features using .net 2.0 and Mono, see you…


One Response to “Introduction to .NET 2.0 Features and Mono”

  1. awangcs said

    hmm C# bner2 konsisten y mnggunakan nilai null. klo Java dah dukung lum Tri?

    jadi pingin blajar C# nih. blajar dri blogmu seep juga Tri. makasi lho

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